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  • High Holidays at ChabadYom Kippur Services

    Kol Nidrei: 6:15pm

    Shacharit: 10:30am

    Yizkor: 11:30am
  • The Quest for SelfUnlike mice, maple trees and angels, who are content to be what and where they are, the human being... Read More
  • Hats In Kovno, Matches in Kievthe factory burned down and I was left with no income. My poor wife lay ill in bed, too weak to go... Read More
  • The Power of One“I multiplied Abraham’s seed, and gave him Isaac.” How is the birth of one son the fulfillment of... Read More
  • Rich in Jewish History, Malta Gets Its First Luxury MikvahCommunity once used stone shelters just steps from the sea Read More
  • The Lubavitcher Rebbe on EvolutionHow the Lubavitcher Rebbe approached the perceived conflict between Torah and evolutionary... Read More
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Rosh Hashana Dinner
September 9th - 7pm
(760) 709-2431

Rosh Hashana Services and Shofar Blowing
September 10th and 11th
10:30am - Uplifting and inspiring Service - Shofar blowing

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